The Company

One brand to meet all your container expectations.

Our commitment to delivering the highest container quality and service has, over many years, built us an unparalleled reputation with our various customers around the world. Until recently, our companies PORTINOX, UCON, WEW and COMET have successfully addressed the needs of most of the container market, often occupying leading positions in many industry segments.

Having always adjusted to the changes in our customers’ needs, requirements and within the market, we decided in 2016 to strengthen our commitment to fulfilling customer requirements by combining our different companies under one brand: THIELMANN, a one-stop shop for each and every need within the stainless steel container industry.

In combining all of our scope and hard-won know-how under one roof, we aim to provide customers with the best container expertise for every eventuality. A single point of contact for all their container needs.

This lofty ambition and union of our different brands and expertise is reflected in our new slogan: THIELMANN The Container Company as well as our new brand identity.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel containers, THIELMANN delivers unsurpassed container expertise that customers can trust and depend on. The profound expertise gathered in more than 275 years of container production and use make us uniquely qualified to successfully address your every container need with flexibility and a commitment to quality.


Governments are becoming more conscious of environ­mental and economic factors

We set our goals as one company to provide first class premium Gas Cylinders and accessoiries to World Wide customers, enabling them to enjoy our LIFE TIME products enhancing their quality of life.